• Ubiquitous
  • My United States of Whatever
  • All Unravels into Everythingness

Contemporary British painter with work in private and public collections in the UK and USA including, The Priseman Seabrook Collection. The East Contemporary Art Collection, UCS Ipswich.

And at The Madison Museum of Fine Art, Madison, Georgia, USA.

“As a painter I try not to limit myself to any particular style.This intended diversity of my practice comes from the notion that as a visual artist I believe there are many ways to view all things.”

“As part of my recent practice I have been utilising photography and it’s associated technologies as an aid, using the detail captured in fleeting moments of action and expression, to direct the viewer back to the reality of an image and thus highlight the paintings illusionary qualities.”

“I also work from life to explore the possibilities of human vision which has its own unique qualities that photography cannot imitate, to explore the experience of the real and lived existence.”